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"Less Stress for You and Your Pets!"

Meet Dr. Melora in Northern Colorado

Dr. Merlora with her dogs - house call in Windsor, CO
My full name is Dr. Melora Wittig-Estredge, but most of you know me as Dr. Melora. I graduated from Colorado State University's School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, and I have been a veterinarian in the state of Colorado ever since. While I have enjoyed my time working in a few different clinics in northern Colorado, from Lyons to Longmont to Windsor, my true passion is my housecall practice. Inspired by my own cats' intense dislike of travel, I started my mobile veterinary practice over a decade ago. I love driving around beautiful Northern Colorado, and my clients have provided me with an excuse to visit such diverse locations.
Having met my husband while living in Fort Collins, I elected to stay in Colorado rather than returning to Arizona. My husband, myself, our two kittens and one dog all reside in one of the original old farmhouses in Windsor, Colorado.

The Gallery of Cute Pets

I can understand the reluctance of many of you to drag your pets into a veterinary clinic, especially when they yowl or release various bodily functions on the way there. My mobile services enable regular, routine veterinary care without the hassle and stress of shoving the pet into a carrier or just a car, and bringing them into a clinic where you may sit and wait for quite a while with your frazzled pet and busy schedule. I can provide both convenience and comfort by coming to your house, and I have flexible hours for scheduling. Moreover, I have a gentle, compassionate touch with dogs and cats, and pride myself on making every visit as pleasant and painless as possible for you and them.
Mobile services should be able to make vet visits much less stressful for you and your pets, with no time in a crowded lobby, more one-on-one time with your veterinarian, and no car ride to get there and back home again.
For any questions or inquiries, call (970) 217-2894.