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Customer Testimonials in Northern Colorado

I have not only been lucky enough to have Dr. Melora care for my pets for several years now, but I am one of her several volunteer technicians as well. Dr. Melora is incredibly kind, passionate about her field, and provides exceptional care and respect to both her patients and clients. I have seen first hand the amazing veterinarian that she is, and my pets love her! I myself as well as the family or friends I have recommended to her have been thoroughly satisfied with her service and the love she provides their pets. ❤️
- Kristina A
Thank you for giving us peace of mind today. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate this amazing service!�
- Melissa C
Today was our sweet George the Beagle's birthday. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and two slipped disks after we adopted him at age 8. We didn't think he'd make it very long and were prepared to be his hospice. Then we found a wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Melora, who would travel to our house to care for George. We were elated because he could not take car rides due to his back. She discovered that his epilepsy was due to a thyroid issue, something that even the top veterinary neurologists had not diagnosed.

George lived for another 7 healthy years, until the ripe old age of 15. Our wonderful vet was there with us at the end, tearfully administering the "blue juice" to George, in the comfort of our own home. She tenderly wrapped him in his favorite blanket and helped us to say goodbye.

She now currently cares for our new puppy and two cats. We heartily recommend Dr. Melora!

- Tarah W
Absolutely the best! Melora cares about all of the animals, has great skills, and does an amazing job with exams, diagnosis, and generally making our pets' lives better.
- Rachel R
“[She has] gone above and beyond for us.”

“I would follow [her] almost anywhere. Actually, [she] can never leave Northern Colorado!”

Dr. Melora is fantastic!! She took care of my cat Foosa, who had a nasty abscess on his neck. He is 100% better and back to his usual happy Foo self! Thank you Dr, Melora!!
- Jewel M
“Glad our paths crossed. She is awesome!”

“[She gives] me all the information in a truthful yet compassionate manner.”

Dr Melora is amazing! She is the most patient, loving vet I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I'm so happy that my fur babies will be well taken care of here in Colorado!
- Tiffany B
“[She is] always there when I have a question or concern and I can always rely on [her]. That is invaluable.”
“All my critters love [her] very much!”
“Charming, compassionate. I've already referred her to my daughter who has to have her cat put to sleep. I don't think anyone else could handle this sensitive situation better than Dr. Melora.”
“I'm very happy that Minnie and Teddie have you for their Doctor and friend. Also, I will always be eternally grateful for your professional handling when Mr. Ed had to leave us.”
“I couldn't ask for a better experience for us or our pets. Have been taking pets to the vet for nearly 50 years and this Dr. Melora is the best experience of all of them.”
“Makes her points clearly with no confusion, which is sometimes difficult when discussing things the average person doesn't know anything about.”
“…you have been a great vet and a friend and we really appreciate the way you treat us and the fur kids. You are the best.”
“Couldn't be better… same cost as going to the vet's clinic, but without upsetting my pets by traveling to a strange place with strange animals and smells.”
“She is never in a hurry. Spends as much time as needed with each call.”